WSPTACon2022 Voting and Election Information

Voting Delegate Credentials Process for Convention

Each year local PTAs and councils may send representatives to cast their votes at the annual meeting. Items that will be voted on this year include amendments to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws and the election of three at-large members for the 2022-2024 WSPTA Nominating Committee.

This year the process for designating delegates has changed. A person selected to be a delegate by their local PTA or council (as specified in their standing rules) will identify themselves during the registration process. Alternatively, instead of each individual registering themselves, a local PTA or council may register their attendees and designate delegates during this process.

Only in-person registrants are eligible to represent their PTA as a voting delegate. On May 13, an email will be sent to presidents listing all those who have registered as voting delegates for their PTA. Presidents have until May 18 by noon to notify the WSPTA office of anyone on the list who should not be a designated voting delegate for their PTA. WSPTA will assume that no response implies agreement with the list.

Delegates will vote during the annual WSPTA business meeting which will occur during General Sessions A – D. See the schedule webpage for times.

Determination of number of voting delegates per the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws

Article 10 – WSPTA Convention

Section 2 Voting delegates – convention

A. The method for selecting voting delegates and alternates shall be specified in the local PTA and council standing rules.

B. Local PTA voting delegates shall be members of the local PTA they represent. Council voting delegates shall be members of a local PTA in the council they represent.

C. Voting credentials shall be issued to voting delegates who have registered and paid the registration fee established by the WSPTA board of directors.

D. The number of voting delegates shall be determined as follows:

1. Local PTAs in good standing shall be entitled to have voting delegates for convention determined by the number of paid members at the end of January of the current year as shown below:

a. Up to 200 members: four voting delegates
b. One additional voting delegate for each additional 100 members

2. New local PTAs and councils chartered after January 31 of the current year shall be allowed representation on the basis of membership recorded in the WSPTA office 15 days prior to the opening day of the convention.

3. Each council in good standing shall be entitled to have four voting delegates at convention.

4. Members of the WSPTA board of directors and WSPTA region directors shall be voting delegates at convention.

E. Any member of a local PTA may attend the convention upon payment of registration fees.

F. A portion of the registration fee may be waived for volunteers at convention as prescribed by WSPTA policy.

Business of the Member Delegation

Standing Rules
Delegates will consider the standing rules for the 2022 WSPTA Annual Convention.

WSPTA Uniform Bylaws
The Proposed Amendments to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws 2022 document provides details for the eight amendments that the delegates will consider during the general business sessions.

Per the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, Article 12, these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at the WSPTA convention, provided the amendments have been approved by the WSPTA board of directors.

Delegates may wish to review the How Things Work document to help you better understand the process. Additional tools to help explain the process include the Flow Diagram of Bylaws Voting Process and the Parliamentary Procedures Simplified document.

Any questions regarding the business of the member delegation may be directed to

Election of WSPTA Nominating Committee Members

Per the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, a new WSPTA Nominating Committee shall be elected in even-numbered years at the annual convention.  Three members shall be elected by ballot by the membership for a two-year term. To be eligible to run, a candidate shall be a PTA member and may not serve for two consecutive terms.

The WSPTA nominating committee is responsible for nominating one or more candidates for election of WSPTA officers in 2023.  Provisions for the composition, selection of members, and filling of vacancies of the WSPTA nominating committee appear in bylaws article 7, sections 2A and 2B. Delegates at convention should elect three members of the committee. However, only one candidate has fulfilled the requirements to stand for election. Our current policy for filling vacancies does not address this situation.

The WSPTA board of directors will meet on May 19 to address this issue and a solution will be announced prior to the election during general session one on May 20.

Candidate for WSPTA Nominating Committee

Craig Willis

Candidate short statement:

My name is Craig Willis, and I am running as a self-declared candidate for the 2022-2024 Washington State PTA Nominating Committee. The purpose of the WSPTA Nominating Committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified PTA leaders from across Washington to be the next leaders of Washington State PTA, making this the most important committee in Washington State PTA.

I believe I am qualified to be a member of the WSPTA Nominating Committee due to holding positions at local, Council, and State levels of PTA, attending every major State PTA training event offered, and having made connections with PTA leaders across Washington. It is very important to me that the WSPTA Nominating Committee takes into consideration inclusivity and diversity when reviewing officer candidates, and that we look across the entire State to find the best PTA leaders possible.

I ask for your consideration and your vote. Thank you.

Campaign Regulations

Campaign regulations are found in the WSPTA Policy Manual section 7.4.4.

Elections Oversight Committee (EOC)

The EOC oversees the election process. The committee reviews all materials, including web page content, and all brochures, prior to publication and distribution, for compliance with specifications in the WSPTA Policy Manual. All concerns raised during the election period shall be directed to the EOC chair. The EOC has final authority in enforcing compliance with election policies and procedures.

To contact the EOC chair, email