Focus Areas

Advocacy in Action

Washington State PTA participates in advocacy year-round about issues impacting children, families, and schools. Washington State PTA also participates in a number of coalitions, workgroups, and committees that align with our mission. This important work ensures that parents have a seat at the table and that their voices are reflected when important decisions are being made.

In addition, Washington State PTA communicates to policymakers by signing on to letters with other education, civic, civil rights, and advocacy organizations to amplify our collective messages to the state and federal legislature.

Letters to policymakers

Coalitions, workgroups, and committees

The following is a list of organizations, coalitions, committees, and workgroups where Washington State PTA is represented:

  • Action for Media Education Board
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC)
  • College Promise Coalition
  • Family Engagement Framework Workgroup
  • Early Learning Advisory Council
  • Graduation – A Team Effort Partnership Advisory Committee
  • Language Access Workgroup
  • Military Compact Council (Interstate Compact on Education Opportunities for Military Children)
  • Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS)
  • Online Learning Advisory Committee
  • Paraeducator Board
  • Ready Washington
  • Safe Kids Washington Advisory Council
  • School-based Behavioral Health and Suicide Prevention (Subcommittee of the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Work Group)
  • School Safety and Student Wellbeing Advisory Committee
  • Social Emotional Learning Committee
  • Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
  • Teacher Principal Evaluation Program Steering Committee
  • Washington Expanded Learning Network/Career Connected Learning Subcommittee
  • Washington State Advisory Committee for Gifted Education
  • Washington State Governor’s Healthiest Next Generation Advisory Committee
  • Washington Healthy Youth Coalition (WHY)
  • Youth Suicide Tipline Advisory Committee