Focus Areas

Federal Legislation

As part of National PTA, Washington State PTA (WSPTA) advocates for federal legislation that benefits the whole child. National PTA policy statements, resolutions, and letters to Congress address many topics. Recent federal policies have included general funding, such as the 2021 infrastructure bill or COVID-19 relief package, adequate public-school funding, green school buildings, family engagement, gun safety and violence prevention, child nutrition, and inclusive schools. Learn more about PTA’s history of advocacy here.

WSPTA and its members also bring issues to the attention of National PTA and advocate for action on federal policies. Examples of recent advocacy efforts include presentations at National PTA’s Legislative Conference addressing climate change and reducing gun violence, and adoption of resolutions on Furniture Tip-Over Prevention and Improving School Meal Programs.

As an affiliate of National PTA, WSPTA members may adopt short-term and permanent policy positions that relate to federal legislation. WSPTA legislative priorities cover a two-year platform with state and federal legislative components. Permanent parts of the WSPTA platform include legislative principles and resolutions. Members can reference these documents when communicating with federal officials. Many resolutions mention federal laws.

Please contact WSPTA’s Federal Legislative Chair (FLC) if you have concerns about federal laws that are impacting your child or would like to help with WSPTA advocacy regarding federal legislation.


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