PTA Leaders

PTA Leaders

Washington State PTA (WSPTA) is dedicated to empowering PTA leaders in their volunteer jobs. In this section, you will find many resources and information to help you run a successful PTA.

It has been built specifically to provide you with tools that will help you with running membership campaigns, understanding your volunteer position, participating as an effective board member, building communication campaigns, and much, much more.

You will find information about member discounts and how to access them on the Member Discount Codes page. On the Governance page, you will find WSPTA bylaws and policies, as well as the Standards of Affiliation checklist and supporting documents. Under Leader Resources, you will find handbooks and other resources for PTA leaders on the Leadership Guides page, helpful videos on the training page, and PTA logos and guidelines on the PTA Logos page.

Proprietary resources available to PTA leaders are password protected and should not be shared with anyone who is not a PTA leader unless otherwise specified.


Washington State PTA (WSPTA) provides a variety of newsletters to members and PTA leaders to share resources and information. For more details, please visit the Leader Resources page.

WSPTA Membership Database

Washington State PTA (WSPTA) transitioned to a new membership database system in the summer of 2019. WSPTA has partnered with memberplanet, an association management system that empowers membership-based organizations with the tools they need to manage, engage, and grow. The base program is provided to all PTAs as a benefit of affiliation for no charge. More information may be found on the WSPTA/memberplanet support site and on the WSPTA membership database page.