April 25, 2023

May Checklist for Running Your PTA

Ongoing Tasks

  •  Attend any board and membership meetings.
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections.
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings.
  • Get educated: take advantage of in-person and online training opportunities.
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them.
  • Review and ask questions about monthly financial report.
  • Actively engage in a plan for membership growth
  • Prepare articles for newsletter/social media.
  • Review and update website
  • Participate, help, and communicate.
  • Review the Standards of Affiliation Checklist

Monthly Tasks

Register to attend Spring Training, May 6-7
This fully in-person, 2-day event will be held at the Hilton Bellevue on May 6th and 7th. We will gather to network, learn, and celebrate the year together. Register here.

Participate in National Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-12

Work with the treasurer to set June deadlines for reimbursements
Get the word out to volunteers and school staff.

Plan transition meetings for outgoing and incoming board members

Work with incoming board members to identify candidates for non-elected board and chair positions

Hold the last membership meeting to complete unfinished business
Approve the budget and approve any changes to the standing rules. Review the yearly goals and objectives set in September.

Consider updating your budget to allow for 2023-2024 membership pre-sales
Standing rules updates may include removing reference to an exact membership fee amount and changing to say something like, “Membership dues will not exceed $15 for an individual member.”

Report new officers to WSPTA
Input newly elected officers starting May 1 into the membership database system, memberplanet. (Issues? Try using Firefox as the web browser)

Review the End of Year Database checklist for tasks
(located on the Leadership Guides webpage, under Membership)

Charitable Solicitations Renewal due May 31
Only required if registered with the Charities Program.

Recognize and thank volunteers for their efforts this past year

Was your PTA Incorporated in May?
If so, then your annual Corporation Renewal is due on 5/31. The annual corporation report is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/ Renewal.

(originally posted May 1, 2019; revised April 29, 2020; revised April 29, 2021; revised April 27, 2022; revised April 25, 2023)

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