August 28, 2021

Kids and Screens: An Invitation to Learn More

Guest post provided by Sponsor, Recovery CafĂ© Technology can be used to enrich our lives, and it also creates challenges. For many children, cultivating healthy boundaries and limits to technology use at an early age will help prevent the development of addictive screen use. Our increased reliance on and general integration of the internet has…
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Category: News

July 27, 2021

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: How to Make Your PTA a Welcome Place for Every Parent

Guest post provided by Platinum Sponsor, Association Insurance Management Inc (AIM) As our communities become more diverse, we should take extra care to ensure our PTAs are an open and welcoming place for all parents. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary components for continued group success. The benefits of creating an inviting environment only further…
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Category: Family Engagement