March 30, 2017

WSPTA Week 13 Events Report

Next week the House Capital Budget committee plans to release its budget on April 5, hold the hearing on April 6 and markup on April 7; the current schedule does not show them working next weekend. The schedule is subject to change, but April 4 is the cutoff for bills with a fiscal impact, other than the “Necessary…
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Category: Legislative

December 13, 2016

Governor Releases Ed Budget, Asks for $3.9B in New K-12 Funding

Kicking off the 2017 budget proposals to resolve the “McCleary problem,” Governor Jay Inslee released his education and revenue budgets today, with a request for $3.9 billion in total spending over the two-year budget cycle. In a Monday preview, staff indicated that nearly two-thirds of the funding would boost compensation for all educators and add…
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Category: Advocacy , Education , Legislative