October 29, 2021

Tip of the Week – October 28

Easy Ways to be an Advocate Have you ever joined PTA, spoken to your child’s teacher, written a letter to the editor, attended a city council meeting, spoken to your school board, or spoken to any decision-maker? Then you are an advocate! An advocate is someone who speaks up for others. Good advocates share qualities…
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Category: Leadership

December 10, 2020

Community, Advocacy, and Membership

Synergy. Powered by PTA. Imagine your PTA as a triangle with Membership, Advocacy, and FACE (Family And Community Engagement) at each of its corners. Imagine all the results of having a PTA at your school or in your community are within the triangle. Now, if one of the points of the triangle didn’t exist, you…
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Category: Advocacy , Family Engagement , Membership