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Family Resources

Well-informed, engaged parents make a difference for student success in school and beyond. At its heart, PTA is about connections and working together to support the health, well-being, and educational needs of all students.

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Membership Discounts

WSPTA teams up with businesses and associations that align with WSPTA’s mission and vision to serve the whole child by offering members special discounts. All Washington State PTA members can save money through these discounts.

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WSPTA is the oldest and the largest nonprofit grassroots children’s advocacy association in Washington state. Together we can strengthen our voice to improve the quality of our children’s health, welfare, safety, and education.

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Upcoming Events

Jun 30

Annual Corporation Renewal

If your PTA incorporated this month, the annual corporation renewal is due; regardless of the income your PTA earns. This is separate from the Charitable Organization registration/renewal. When you are about to file, click File Online for Nonprofits. You can check the status of your renewal on the Secretary…

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Jul 4

Independence Day – Office Closed

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Jul 19

Membership/memberplanet Help Roundtable Do you have questions about your memberplanet page, need help re-opening your online join packet, or just want to talk membership? Join WSPTA Membership Director Amanda Cabana for one of our memberplanet/membership roundtables. She would be glad to answer any questions and offer to walk you…

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Latest News

End of Year Database Guide for Local PTAs and Councils

The 2021-22 fiscal year comes to a close this week. PTA leaders have until 11:59 pm on Thursday, June 30 to close out business in memberplanet and prepare the database for next year. This blog post will cover everything you need to know and do. Note: You can access a very handy end-of-year checklist here. We encourage database admins to review the checklist to ensure nothing is missed. Here’s a summary of the critical to-dos:

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Tip of the Week – June 23

Financial Review Every PTA must conduct a year-end financial review, as specified in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws. This is a PTA requirement, through the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation, required by fidelity bond insurance, and an important business practice. The year-end financial review should be completed no later…

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2022-23 Swank Movie Licenses Now Available

Washington State PTA is excited to continue our partnership with Swank Movie Licensing USA to bring movie licensing to WSPTA member schools at significant savings. Movie licenses are an excellent option for PTAs eager to fundraise and support their school. The enrollment period for…

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