PTA Leaders

WSPTA Officer Nominations

During the 2022 convention of the Washington State PTA, May 20-22, 2022, positions for three at-large nominating committee members will be elected for a two-year term, 2022-2024.

It is the responsibility and privilege of PTA members to consider their qualifications to serve on the Washington State PTA Nominating Committee. Applications will be accepted up until 11:59 pm on February 15, 2022, as reflected on the respective WSPTA systems via an online application form.

Self-Declared Candidates

Members must self-declare their intent to run as a candidate for one of the three at-large nominating committee positions by completing an online application form that also serves as their Declaration of Good Faith as required by WSPTA policy.

Self-Declared Candidate Information

Candidates can find more information in WSPTA Policy, Section Seven, Elections.

Filling out the online application form confirms that the candidate:

  1. Is a current PTA member.
  2. Meets the qualifications for the office.
  3. Shall abide by the campaign/election policies and guidelines.

In addition, per policy section 7.4.2, each declared candidate shall provide the following:

  • a statement, not to exceed 150 words, to be included in the convention program and on the campaign board.
  • a statement, not to exceed 500 words, to be posted on the WSPTA website.
  • a digital photo to be used in convention materials (i.e. program, website, etc.)
  • a one-page (8 1/2″ x 11″) résumé, to be posted on the candidate’s page on the WSPTA website.

Upon receipt of the Self-declare Application, including the Declaration of Good Faith form, the WSPTA office shall send Elections Oversight Committee (EOC) information, campaign regulations, and any other requirements to all candidates.

Additional Information


The at-large nominating committee member elections will take place during the WSPTA annual meeting at the convention on May 20-22, 2022.

To help delegates make an informed decision about their vote, candidate information will be located on the website prior to the convention. And, opportunities for delegates to hear from each candidate will be provided through some combination of speeches, candidate forum, or networking areas.

Elections Oversight Committee

The Elections Oversight Committee (EOC) oversees the election process. The committee shall review all materials for compliance with WSPTA Policy. All concerns raised during the election period shall be directed to the EOC chair.