October 11, 2021

The Fall Fundraising Carnival Events

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Your PTA’s fall carnival is the biggest event and fundraiser of the season! With entertainment, food, and games, the whole community will be filled with excitement and buzz. Let’s take a look at some of the fun fall activities your organization set up this year!

Before anyone gets in they’ll have to buy carnival tickets at the front gate. Jake, a young volunteer, is manning the ticket booth as all the happy parents and kids enter. But wait, what’s this? Jake is pocketing some of the ticket money. Turns out he is saving up for a new bike and assumed a few missing dollars wouldn’t hurt anyone. AIM understands that every penny is important to your PTA’s success.

After people enter, there are a variety of activities to choose from. The Gomez family heads straight to the pumpkin patch for a few fall-themed pictures to send to Grandma. As Papa is taking pictures he slips on a pumpkin! Ouch. He may have to get an x-ray on his ankle later. It looks like Papa Gomez will have to sit down for the remainder of the event. After the pumpkin patch, the Gomez kids rush from game to game, Cassie Gomez joins the football toss. She aims for the hoops but throws it just a little too far. Heads up! This football heads straight to the cotton candy machine, knocking it over. No more cotton candy for this event.

Over at the inflatable obstacle course, someone is causing quite the scene. It turns out to be your current PTA member, Sandy. It is not uncommon for Sandy to cause an uproar, but today you had security on sight, just in case there was a problem at the carnival. To keep her from causing any more of a disturbance, security politely escorts her off the carnival grounds. As she leaves you hear her mumble about suing for violation of civil rights. We may hear from Sandy again very soon.

Over at the auctions, parents and teachers alike are eagerly gathered to see who won which prizes. The math teacher, Mrs. Ajaz, has just won a brand-new grill! What she doesn’t know is that while she is picturing all the tasty foods she wants to make, someone will be in the midst of stealing it. Your PTA has already promised her the prize and worry they may have to dip into other funds to replace the stolen item.

Uh-oh, there’s a commotion at the pony rides. Many families have been enjoying the pony rides today. But it looks like little Benny has fallen off! His sprained wrist will require immediate attention. Although he’s hoping for a cast all his friends can sign, his parents are none too happy about the situation.

As the night goes on there are still a lot of people at the carnival. This is wonderful news. Unless you are the surrounding neighbors. Turns out some people aren’t enjoying the fun. They have called and made a complaint to the city. The neighbors say the noise and traffic are a nuisance. The police come by and ask if you have a noise permit. As organized as you were, something must have gotten mixed up because you don’t have it. They mention that this could get you in trouble with the city.

After the event is over, parents get together to discuss the funds raised. But wait! these numbers aren’t adding up. Everyone turns to trusted Treasurer Mitch for answers. Unfortunately, Mitch’s family was having a hard time paying rent lately. He took a little money each month; it soon added up to over $1,500.

For incidents like this and many more, AIM Insurance is here to protect you! When you obtain insurance through AIM, you can rest assured that you are protected from potentially catastrophic financial losses that can result from claims related to the various events organized by your PTA.

AIM Policies for Your PTA Fall Fundraising

Your Fall fundraisers may need multiple types of insurance coverage. AIM offers custom coverage policies to protect PTA’s and make sure your fundraising dollars can go straight to improving your school and its programs. Read on to see how we can help protect your PTA and its funds.


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