WSPTA Voting Information

At the 110th annual business meeting of Washington State PTA, local and council delegates will be setting the course for the future of our organization. Delegates will approve the standing rules that will govern the proceedings of the business meeting. They will elect candidates to the 2023-2025 board of directors. They will also consider and vote on several proposed changes to the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws.

Voting delegates can learn about the proposed amendments to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws by watching this recorded education presentation.

Delegates can submit motions to amend the proposed bylaw amendments by submitting their motion by 8am on April 30 via this online form:

Election Information


The officer elections will take place during the WSPTA Convention being held in the Spring of 2023.

To help delegates make an informed decision about their vote, candidate information will be located on the website prior to the convention.

Refer to the policy manual, section 7, for more information about elections.

Elections Oversight Committee

The Elections Oversight Committee (EOC) oversees the election process. The committee shall review all materials for compliance with WSPTA Policy. All concerns raised during the election period shall be directed to the EOC chair.

Voting Information

Standing Rules for Annual Business Meeting

The proposed Standing Rules for conducting the annual business meeting will be adopted on April 29. Motions to amend the Standing Rules must be submitted by 8:00 am on April 29 on the Motion Form 

Read the proposed Standing Rules

How Things Work

The How Things Work resource explains in simpler terms all the rules and processes a delegate needs to understand to participate in the Annual Business Meeting. Please review this information prior to April 29. 

Read How Things Work

See also this Flow Diagram of Bylaws Voting Process

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

All of the proposed amendments can be found in the PDF of the Proposed Amendments to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws 2023.