PTA & The Law

Jan 11

This is the most important and useful class of them all, as it will prepare you and your fellow officers to run your PTA with   an eye toward the important legal and fiscal requirements in running a nonprofit. PTA and the Law deals with state and federal rules and regulations relevant to running a […]

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Effective Budgets and Financial Strategies

Jan 17

Building a goal-based budget is key to the success of PTAs. Learn how to assess your PTA's financial management practices and how to develop and amend budgets. Topics discussed in this class are not covered in the class "Managing Your Nonprofit PTA: The Financial Responsibilities of Board Members."

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Overview of the New National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships

Jan 26

Join Shelby Reynolds, Family and Community Engagement Director, for a session where we delve into the new standards that define best practices for equitable family engagement. We will explore the processes used to update the standards and take a look at the specific actionable indicators within the standards that will help you and your PTA […]

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