June 7, 2018

2018 WSPTA Convention Recap

On behalf of your Washington State PTA board of directors, thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the 105th Annual WSPTA Convention. You helped to make it a fantastic weekend!

For those of you who were unable to attend this year’s convention, we all discovered our PTA Power!

We had seven class sessions with a total of 61 class options. There were also different length classes for the first time with 45-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute options. Classes included role-specific classes for presidents, vice presidents, treasurers, and secretaries. But wait, there was more! We also had classes on leadership, finance, membership, advocacy, family and community engagement, communication, and much more. We had an incredible 17 brand new classes as well. There was truly something for everyone!

We recognized the students from our WSPTA Reflections program, Game Development program, PTA Men’s Essay contest, and our scholarship program. We have amazing students!

We celebrated both our membership awards and Local PTA and Council Awards of Excellence recipients. Award recipients were recognized in this year’s program and during our general sessions. There was a recognition room where attendees could look through the Local PTA and Council Awards of Excellence applications. There were many great ideas, programs, and events “harvested”!

This year’s Outstanding PTA of the Year was also announced. Congratulations to Puyallup PTA Council 5.7!

We gave out the following WSPTA awards:

  • Friend of Children Award – Senator Christine Rolfes
  • Outstanding Educator Award – Dr. Traci Pierce
  • Outstanding Service Award – Dori Tate
  • Outstanding Advocate Award – Jason Rothkowitz

We heard from Mandy Manning, the Washington State and National Teacher of the Year. She shared some very inspirational words and stories with our attendees. We also heard from Leslie Boggs, National PTA President-Elect, and her keynote speech moved us all!

Attendees had the opportunity to meet and network with their council, region and state leaders. We sat by region in our general sessions, so everyone could meet new leaders from their region. Everyone was given time to meet and/or eat with their PTA colleagues for both lunch and dinner each day.

Attendees were also able to participate in an individual or group coaching session with an experienced PTA leader who could answer their questions and help them with whatever challenge they were facing. We had an amazing 54 coaching sessions this year!

Association Business!
This year’s delegates accomplished a lot of association business as well! Remember, this is our annual business meeting, so we need participation and quorum just like you! What did we accomplish?

  • Elected three at-large members of the WSPTA Nominating Committee
  • Adopted the Second Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation
  • Adopted seven of the nine proposed bylaw amendments (one proposed amendment failed, and another was sent back to committee)
  • Delegates also adopted three new resolutions to our long-term positions:
    • Best Practices – Recess and Physical Activity
    • Improving Outcomes for Foster and Homeless Youth
    • Universal Design for Learning

What else do we need to say…DOOR PRIZES! We also have some incredible sponsors and exhibitors who generously support our annual convention to help keep costs low. They provided things like bags, pens, water bottles, door prizes, and giveaways for our attendees. We could not do it without them!

Attendees were challenged to take this PTA Power back to their local PTA or councils to continue the excitement and inspiration after convention.

Always remember you are not alone! PTA is most certainly a team sport!

Michelle Nims
WSPTA President, 2017-19

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