April 5, 2021

2021 Focus on Advocacy – April 5 Report

Tell legislators to preserve K-12 funding this session
Prepared by Marie Sullivan, WSPTA Legislative Consultant,

Now that both chambers have released and passed their versions of a two-year operating budget, here are some suggestions of where to spend your advocacy efforts – please tell your legislators and budget writers to:

  • Fund the actual costs of transportation funding for the 2020-21 school year.
    • As we’ve said all session: it costs the same amount to transport five students as it does 50.
    • District buses have been busy delivering school to students: meals, homework, hotspots, home visits and engagement checkups, and so much more under the Governor’s proclamation related to allowable transportation activities.
    • Make sure budget language accounts for actual costs and costs allowed under the Governor’s Proclamation.
  • Allow school districts to use all of the three rounds of federal funding they have received or will receive for purposes related to the pandemic, not as backfill to enrollment decline.
  • Stabilize all categories of enrollment decline with state support for school districts, providing a per-pupil amount so that all school districts benefit, and mid-year cuts are softened. This includes levy equalization and passing ESHB 1476 to protect local enrichment levy collections in at least the calendar year 2022.
  • Make a down payment on increasing staff to support student mental health and academic success, with the House investment in 0.5 school counselors for every prototypical school.
    • This was a promise made more than 10 years ago, and never has the time been more important to start phasing in the adults needed to support the varied needs of our students.
  • Match the House levels of appropriations for computers and devices to close the digital divide.

If you are willing to send an email with this messaging, remember to personalize it to you and your student(s) experience and state that you are a member of Washington State PTA, the state’s largest child advocacy organization.

Send emails to:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Read the full report here.

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