January 13, 2020

Advocacy in Olympia 2020

PTA members adopt and add to the legislative priorities each year. Our platform focuses on all aspects of the health, safety, well-being, and education of children and youth – and 1.1 million kids need YOU to be their voice on Focus Day, January 20, 2020.

What ARE our legislative priorities?  How do you learn enough about them to communicate with legislators? 

On the advocacy page, you will find the 2019-2020 WSPTA Legislative Platform. Each legislative priority or also supported issue includes a downloadable one-page document that can be used to prepare talking points and may be given to legislators as well.

The legislative session starts January 13, and WSPTA has designated January 20 as Focus Day and February 24-28 as Advocacy Week. During Advocacy Week, WSPTA will send members requests to contact legislators via our Action Network.  Once you send your first one, your information will be prefilled, making sending subsequent action alerts fast! Please sign up today. Just enter your subscription info, then look for action alerts coming from Sherry Rudolph, during the legislative session. In addition to responding to the action alerts, you may also send postcards, emails, or make phone calls – the choice of HOW you make your voice heard will be up to you!

WSPTA Focus Day on January 20 is for members, students, and families who wish to make a trip to the state capitol campus in Olympia.  Advocates can send a strong message by showing up, amplifying the message and sharing the WSPTA legislative priorities. Attendees should consult with their local PTA, council or region legislative chair for assistance in making legislator appointments. The WSPTA Advocacy Committee will be in Olympia at the Focus Day venue or at the Capitol to support you throughout Focus Day.

Look for more information on our events page, through Facebook posts and via the Action Network. Throughout the legislative session, you can find timely posts on the WSPTA blog regarding what is happening in the legislature with regards to the WSPTA priorities and testimony given by our members.

We KNOW you care about kids – that’s why you are a PTA member!  Imagine if legislators heard from all 133,000+ members about how much we care about kids!  Every Child, One Voice!

Sherry Rudolph
Advocacy Director, Washington State PTA

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