March 26, 2024

Announcing the 2023-24 Student Programs Winners

We are very excited to announce the winners of both the 2023-2024 WSPTA Scholarship and the 2023-2024 WSPTA Essay Contest.

Essay Contest Winners:

Special Author – Elementary Division: Verity Truitt – Puesta del Sol Elementary

Kindergarten Division: Charlotte Aftab – “My Role Model in the entire World!” – Redmond Elementary

First-Second Grade Division: Prisha Prasad – “I love my Hero” – Benjamin Rush Elementary

Third-Fifth Division: Leya Paluru – “Teacher for Life” – Rosa Parks Elementary

Sixth-Eighth Division: Arnav Chaturvedi – “Revering Mr. Rivera” – Tyee Middle Scohol

Ninth-Twelfth Division: Dishita Soni – “Always One Step Behind: A Story of My Brother as a Role Model” – Juanita High School

$2500 Scholarship Awardees:

Allari Jae Strong, North Kitsap High 1.7.25
Prospective college/university: Brigham Young University

Krithipriya Narendran, Interlake High School PTSA 2.3.150
Prospective college/university: Northern Illinois University

Qiaochu (Echo) He, Skyline High School PTSA 2.6.70
Prospective college/university: University of Washington

Kosha Upadhyay, Bellevue High School PTSA 2.3.148
Prospective college/university: TBD

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