August 10, 2017

August Checklist for Running Your PTA

Ongoing Tasks to be Completed Each Month

  • Attend board and membership meetings
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings
  • Attend region conference/training, council training, WSPTA training as applicable
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them
  • Review and ask questions about monthly financial report
  • Prepare articles for newsletter/social media
  • Participate, help out, and communicate
  • Review last month’s tasks and add uncompleted items to this month’s list
  • Corporation renewal is due in the anniversary month of when your PTA was incorporated. Check your legal documents and note the due date. When your PTA is to file, in the appropriate month, visit the Secretary of State’s Online Annual Reports page and click “File Online,” under “Nonprofit Corporation.” Please do not wire money for payments.

Tasks for August

  • Make sure bank signers have been updated – make sure non-signer review of the bank statements is set-up
  • Make sure year-end financial review is completed before the end of the month
    Hold a board retreat if you have not already done so (get to know each other, discuss expectations, code of conduct, email etiquette, review mission and goals, review standing rules (need changes or updates–are they too complicated and long and are you following them?), review budget (need updating?), set membership and board meeting schedule, review end of year survey results, committee and event plan for the year, membership goal and theme, communication and social media plan, discuss annual training requirement with all elected officers, etc.)
  • Make sure you have name and contact information for your council president (if applicable) and your region director
  • Review and update standing rules as needed to present for approval at the first membership meeting
  • Update legal document notebook(s) as needed
  • Review and update website as needed (if applicable)
  • Review and update all PTA forms as needed
  • Update calendar for membership meetings, board meetings, and PTA activities for the year
  • Update job descriptions for all board positions as needed
  • Request to speak at a school staff meeting (coordinate with principal)
  • Attend WSPTA region training offered in your area
  • Share the online WSPTA leadership handbooks and resources with all officers and board members
  • Start your membership drive/campaign – establish your membership goal – remember PTA membership is open to anyone who believes in PTA’s mission and vision
  • Review the various WSPTA awards and decide which to apply for (deadline March 1)
  • Review the various WSPTA programs (Reflections, PTA Men’s Essay Contest, Game Development, etc.) to see if your PTA will participate



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