August 1, 2022

August Checklist for Running Your PTA

Board To-Do List for August
Ongoing Tasks

  • Attend board and membership meetings
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings
  • Get educated: take advantage of in-person and online training opportunities
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them
  • Review and ask questions about the monthly financial report
  • Actively engage in plan for membership growth
  • Prepare content for a newsletter(s) and social media
  • Review and update your website
  • Participate, help others, and communicate
  • Review the Standards of Affiliation Checklist

Monthly Tasks

Financial Review
Check out the blog post on how to do this virtually if you have been unable to complete a financial review.

Update calendar for membership meetings or PTA activities for the year
Make sure your public-facing calendar is up-to-date for your members.

Speak at the August school staff meeting (with permission)
Coordinate with the principal and be prepared that this might look different than in the past. Introduce yourself, talk about membership, share the benefits of PTA, explain any grants, reimbursement forms, programs, or events that directly affect staff.

Hold your first board meeting/retreat
As a board, set goals, prepare for your first membership meeting, review your budget and standing rules, and recommend these documents for approval at your first membership meeting. Check out this blog post for more information about board retreats.

Become familiar with the membership database system, memberplanet
Read this post to learn more about preparing the database for the 2022-23 year.
It is important to keep updating the membership database system with your officers’ and board member information. This will ensure that your PTA remains in compliance and that your PTA leaders receive timely and relevant leader emails and newsletters.

Create your plan for membership growth
Review your membership dues as any changes may need to be approved in your standing rules.
Make sure you are set up with the online join option through memberplanet.
Review your membership form.
Send membership renewal notices to last year’s members.
Review the resources available for the WSPTA membership database.

Begin the search for potential nominating committee members
No, it is not too early. Give this committee plenty of time to get to meet and know upcoming leaders for your PTA.

Review your board structure for next year
Changes in board structure need to be approved in standing rules before the nominating committee is elected.

Attend this year’s Autumn Leadership Launch
New this year and open to any PTA leader. In addition, look out for other region or council trainings and roundtables throughout the fall.

Share online WSPTA leader resources with all board members

Start your membership drive

Was your PTA incorporated in August? If so, then your annual Corporation Renewal is due by August 31. The annual corporation report is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/Renewal.

(originally posted July 25, 2018; revised August 3, 2019; revised July 29, 2020; revised August 1, 2021; revised August 1, 2022)

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