April 4, 2017

Breakfast after Bill Passes Major Hurdle

April 4 – Olympia – HB 1508, the Breakfast after the Bell bill, had a public hearing April 3, then passed out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee 20-3. This topic is on the WSPTA’s Top 5 list, and has been on the platform for at least the past three sessions. 

Advocates tirelessly worked to get the bill scheduled in the budget committee and passed before the fiscal deadline for bills to stay under consideration. Thank you to all the parent advocates who contacted their Senators requesting a hearing and a vote!

Next stop: the Senate floor. The next deadline to be watching is April 12, although bills that are necessary to implement the budget are not subject to the cutoff. HB 1508 has a budget tie: the House included $2.6 million in start-up grants for affected districts. 

Category: Advocacy , Health & Well-being , Legislative

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