January 19, 2021

Call to Action – Focus on Equity

Dear Washington State PTA member,

Throughout our state, students continue to experience barriers and inequities preventing them from reaching their potential in our state:

  • As of 2020, 68% of districts (urban and rural) report that some students have no access to broadband or smart phone data.
  • When districts had to flip to online learning last spring, the lack of preparation and needed supports widened gaps in academic and social emotional opportunities for students and youth.
  • A growing gap exists between funding and actual expenses for special education.
  • Across the state, school district highly capable programs do not accurately reflect the demographics of the students they serve.

Please personalize and send the accompanying message provided in the Action Network link. Adding your unique experiences will strengthen your message.

Click here to participate through the Action Network. Please share this message with members of your community and encourage them to write their legislators too.

Visit our website for more information on WSPTA’s legislative priorities. If you would like to receive WSPTA Action Alerts directly, please sign up for the Action Network here.

Thank you for advocating for the 1.1 million students of Washington state,

Sherry Rudolph, WSPTA Advocacy Director

Thank you for participating in Washington State PTA’s Advocacy Week, January 18-22, 2021. Stay tuned for action requests each day this week.

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