February 1, 2022

Changes to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws

The WSPTA Uniform Bylaws is a contract between our members and WSPTA and local PTAs for how our associations are run. Our members have the authority to change the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws at the annual meeting that takes place during the WSPTA Convention.

Since it is important that the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws do not conflict with state or federal laws that regulate tax-exempt nonprofit corporations or with our Standards of Affiliation Agreement with National PTA, members have given the WSPTA Board of Directors authority to change the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws under certain conditions:

In the event WSPTA’s affiliation with National PTA requires a change for specific language in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, or the bylaws need to be updated to be in compliance with state or federal law, the WSPTA board of directors shall have the authority to make said changes prior to convention. If changes of this nature occur, the board shall inform the membership within 30 days of said change(s). The board shall report this information to the membership at the next convention. (WSPTA Uniform Bylaws Article 7, Section 6(E)(7))

The WSPTA Board of Directors is informing the membership that the following changes were made to the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws at their January 16, 2022, meeting, and are effective immediately:

  1. In Article 2 Basic Policies, insert new subsection D:

WSPTA and its constituent organizations shall show commitment to inclusiveness and equity, knowledge of PTA, and professional expertise shall be guiding principles for service in Washington State PTA.

Why did the board make this change?

As an affiliate of National PTA, it is a requirement for WSPTA to include all National PTA’s principles in our WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, and only three out of four were included. The amendment adds the last remaining National PTA principle to WSPTA Uniform Bylaws, bringing us into compliance with our affiliation agreement.

  1. In Article 9, Section 1 B, add the following sentence:

Written or electronic notice of the place, date, and time of the legislative assembly shall be sent to all WSPTA members at least ten days but not more than 60 days in advance of the legislative assembly.   

  1. In Article 10, Section 1 C, amend to read:

Written or electronic notice of the place, date, and time of the convention shall be sent to all WSPTA members at least ten but not more than 60 days prior to the opening day of the convention. 

Why did the board make these changes?

Due to recent updates to the Washington State Nonprofit Corporation Act, these amendments were necessary to bring the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws into legal compliance on notification of WSPTA meetings. RCW 24.03A.410 (1) requires a membership corporation to give notice to the members of the date, time, and place of each regular or special meeting at least 10 days, but not more than 60 days in advance. The revised legal requirements took effect January 1, 2022.

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