June 28, 2022

End of Year Database Guide for Local PTAs and Councils

The 2021-22 fiscal year comes to a close this week. PTA leaders have until 11:59 pm on Thursday, June 30 to close out business in memberplanet and prepare the database for next year. This blog post will cover everything you need to know and do.

Note: You can access a very handy end-of-year checklist here. We encourage database admins to review the checklist to ensure nothing is missed.

Here’s a summary of the critical to-dos:

Finalize 2021-22 Membership

You have until June 30 to make final adjustments to your roster. Please take the time to ensure you have uploaded all your members, that your final member count is accurate, and that you have downloaded a final member roster. The links below are one-minute video tutorials for these tasks.

[Video] How to verify your member count

[Video] Download a final member roster

Pay Outstanding Balances and Update Invoice Email Recipients

Please visit the Group Billing menu and pay off any remaining balance. Also, take a moment to update your PTA’s invoice recipients. This information does not automatically update, so please remove last year’s recipients and replace them with your new recipients. The videos below will show you how.

[Video] How to navigate the Group Billing menu

[Video] How to enroll in invoice autopay

Input New Board/Officers

When your PTA has elected its new slate of leaders, it’s important to report their contact information in the Committees menu. Also, be sure to grant your new leaders database access by making them admins. It’s never too soon to learn how to navigate memberplanet.

Please note: From July 1 through July 15, the membership portions of the database will be closed as we roll over for 2022-23. You may still input board members in the Committees menu, but you will be unable to add new records until after the 15th.

After July 1, the board/officers menu will default to 2022-23.

[Video] How to enter your 2022-23 board & officers

[Article] How to update your database admins

Tasks for Councils

Council leaders need not worry about much of the above, as councils don’t have memberships or a database roster. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tasks to complete! Here’s a recommended tasklist for councils:

  • Download a copy of the Group Profiles Report
  • Download financial reports including the All Payments and Transfers reports
  • Input your 2022-23 board & officers
  • Update your database admins
  • Within the Group Billing section, visit the Payers page to access a list of any outstanding balances.


Q: Will the database be unavailable at the start of July?

A: Yes, partly. On July 1, the parts of the database related to Membership (“Members,” “Packets,” and “Membership”) will be down to facilitate the annual rollover. You will retain access to communication tools, group billing, financial reports, and the Committees menu. The annual rollover will be completed on July 15.

Q: What happens to member data during the annual rollover?

A: We will archive any names in your database that were not paid members in 2021-22. We will retain the records of 2021-22 members (plus anyone with an admin account or a 2022-23 officer). On July 15, your database will start at zero memberships for 2022-23.

Q: I’ve made a final adjustment to my roster. When can I expect to be invoiced?

A: We have to abide by our normal billing cycle, so any changes made to your roster will be reflected in a final 2021-22 invoice to be issued July 5. Let your treasurer know to expect those final charges.

Q: Isn’t a 2021-22 membership still active until October?

A: This is technically correct. Anyone enrolled as a member for 2021-22 retains membership privileges through October 2022. But the database is only concerned with fiscal year memberships, so please do not “reactivate” your 2021-22 members in the database unless they are renewing for 2022-23.

Q: I still have questions. What should I do?

A: Send an email to us at We’re here to help and want to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

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