June 7, 2017

2016-17 PTA End-of-Year Process

At the end of every fiscal year (July – June), each PTA is required to close-out their PT Avenue membership database year by completing the end of year (EOY) process. The PT Avenue EOY process is a simple step-by-step automated process which saves the final member and board rosters, and updates member, student, board, helper, and administrator records. By doing this necessary task, you are updating your records, preparing your PTA for success and are ready to start your membership campaign for the 2017-18 PTA year.

PT Avenue End-of-Year Process Resource

The PT Avenue End-of-Year Process document (located on the Leadership Guides page, under Membership Database) will assist your PTA’s leaders with the very simple end of year process.

If your PTA would like WSPTA staff to complete your PTA’s end of year for your membership only version PT Avenue account, please complete and email the WSPTA staff assistance request form to by midnight, June 18. There will be an administrative service charge of $15 for this service.

WARNING: DO NOT run the EOY process until you are completely finished with the 2016-17 fiscal year! Please check with your membership chairman and treasurer to make sure they are ready for you to reset membership status and financial ledgers.

Note: if your PTA does not complete the end of year process for your membership only version by June 30, WSPTA staff will process your PTA’s end of year with an assessed fine of $25. For PTAs with Financial or Full versions will be assessed a fine of $50, if EOY is not completed by July 15. PT Avenue will walk you through end of year for a full or financial version for $75 – contact PT Avenue regarding this service.

Deadline Dates

June 18 – WSPTA staff EOY assistance request due to; $15 fee for service

June 30 – PTAs with Members-Only version EOY close-out to be completed; $25 fee if not completed

July 15 – PTAs with Financial and Full versions EOY close-out to be completed; $50 fee if not completed

Fee Schedule

Free: Complete EOY process by deadline
Members-only version: June 30 | Financial/Full versions: July 15

$15.00: Members-only WSPTA staff-assisted EOY close-out
Request due by June 18

$25.00: PTAs with members-only version EOY not completed by deadline
Deadline June 30, to avoid fee

$50.00: PTAs with Financial/Full versions EOY not completed by deadline
Deadline July 15, to avoid fee

$75.00: Financial/Full PT Avenue-assisted EOY close-out
Contact PT Avenue for service

Interested in saving volunteer hours and amount of manual data entry?

Consider offering potential and returning members the option to join your PTA online via PT Avenue, thus saving time from manually entering membership information.

Also consider saving a check and a stamp by opting in for your PTA’s membership dues to be automatically withdrawn with a monthly direct debit authorization (dues are withdrawn the last business day of each month.

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