October 10, 2017

Five Ways to Encourage Online Enrollment

On Monday, October 9, as part of the weekly series of “Membership Monday” Facebook posts, we shared a simple way a local PTA is helping remind potential members to get online and join their PTA when they get home. If your local PTA also offers Washington State PTA’s Online Join feature, you may be experiencing a different type of membership challenge than in the past. Here are five ways to encourage online enrollment:

  1. Most potential members should be able to access Online Join from their mobile device. Alternatively, set up a Wi-Fi hot spot at your membership table (or wherever you are actively recruiting members), and set up a tablet or laptop for potential members to use to enroll online.
  2. Encourage potential members to enroll on the spot by offering them an incentive once they show you on their mobile device that they just joined. (It’s important to remember any incentive should also be made available to those who’ve already signed up for your PTA this year.)
  3. Make real-time online enrollment irresistible. Bring in a comfortable recliner and a charging station for use only while someone is in the process of enrolling in your PTA online. This gimmick will likely attract a lot of attention and nudge people toward signing up.
  4. If a potential member tells you they plan to enroll online at a later time, ask them to add their name and email address to a sign-up sheet. Explain that those on the list will benefit from your PTA’s courtesy reminder service which will email them in a set number of days with a link to the online join webpage.
  5. It’s always best to provide multiple methods for joining your PTA. Even if you prefer one method or another, you are demonstrating good customer service by allowing potential members to sign up using the method they prefer.

For more information about how to set up your PTA for Online Join, visit the Leadership Guides section of our website for many resources regarding the membership database.


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