October 30, 2017

Guest Post: Why Should Students Attend Legislative Assembly?

By Emily McKenzie, 5th grade student, Kokanee PTA 6.10.22

Why should students attend legislative assembly? Because even a 5th grader can make a contribution.

Hello, I am Emily McKenzie and I attend Kokanee Elementary in Woodinville, Washington. When both my parents decided to attend the WSPTA Legislative Assembly on October 20 and 21, 2017, I begged to go too. Surprisingly they said yes.

Of course, I asked a thousand questions on what we were going to do there. They said I would just have to experience it to truly understand it.

Within the first 10 minutes of arriving, I was asked to lead the assembly in the pledge of allegiance. Without hesitation, I said yes. And then immediately my parents made me practice saying the pledge over and over so I wouldn’t forget the words when I got up to the podium.

The pledge went off without a hitch, but I remember most that everyone was so proud to be there and I was proud to make a small contribution to the big contribution that everyone had come there to do. Thank you mom, dad and PTA for teaching me what advocating is really all about.

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