January 3, 2024

January Checklist for Running Your PTA

Ongoing Tasks

  • Attend any board and membership meetings
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings
  • Get educated: take advantage of in-person and online training opportunities
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them
  • Review and ask questions about the monthly financial report
  • Actively engage in a plan for membership growth
  • Prepare articles for newsletter and social media
  • Review and update website
  • Participate, help, and communicate
  • Review the Standards of Affiliation (SOA) checklist

Monthly Tasks

Reflections entries due to WSPTA by January 18
Council and local PTAs residing in non-council areas should complete this form to receive their own unique SharePoint folder link. Entries may only be submitted electronically. Contact with questions.

Conduct a mid-year financial review as a best practice

Review goals and objectives set at the beginning of the year
Are you on track? Do you need to make adjustments? Have you been sharing progress with your members?

Engage in a winter membership campaign
How close are you to applying for a Membership Achievement Award (100% Membership and 100% Staff Membership)? Applications are due March 14.

Review Best Practices and Standards of Excellence forms
Gather information for award requirements (applications due March 14).

Determine other Awards of Excellence awards to apply for (applications due March 14)

  • Advocacy Award of Excellence
  • Family and Community Engagement Award of Excellence
  • Outstanding Communication Strategy
  • Outstanding Newsletter
  • Outstanding Website
  • PTAs Taking Significant Action

Accept nominations for volunteer awards such as Golden Acorn

Encourage leaders to subscribe to action alerts during Focus on Advocacy Week
January 15-19, 2024.

Encourage leaders to submit a Leadership Service Award form
The purpose of this program is to encourage, facilitate, and recognize the continuous growth of leadership shown by dedicated PTA leaders at all levels of the association.

1099-NEC due for independent contractors by January 31
For contractors you paid more than $600 in a calendar year. More information is located on the IRS website.

Was your PTA Incorporated in January?  If so, then your annual Corporation Renewal is due on 1/31. The annual corporation report is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/ Renewal.

(originally posted December 31, 2018; revised December 28, 2019; revised January 6, 2021, revised January 3, 2023, revised January 2, 2024)

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