March 1, 2024

March Checklist for Councils Supporting Local PTAs

Ongoing Tasks

  • Offer support to local PTAs who may be struggling with any of the SOA requirements.
  • Encourage local PTAs in their membership campaigns.
  • Work with your region director to support any local PTAs with fewer than 25 members.
  • Work with your region director to support any local PTAs on the “no president list”.
  • Remind local PTA leaders to pay their membership invoices promptly (encourage direct debit to simplify the process).
  • Share training opportunities with local PTA leaders.
  • Discuss the health of local PTAs in your council at board of directors’ meetings. What support do they want/need?
  • Encourage local PTAs to keep their officer and key position contact information up to date on the Committees tab in the WSPTA membership database.
  • Provide a mini-training or roundtable at council membership meeting addressing timely SOA requirements.
  • Encourage local PTA leaders to read Leadership News and share information about other WSPTA newsletters.
  • Remind local PTA leaders of important deadlines. (*see below)
  • Remind local PTA leaders about the Corporate Annual Report deadline.
  • At each council membership meeting, share the SOA items that your council has completed.


March Monthly Tasks

  • Continue assisting with items from the “Ongoing Tasks”.
  • Share information regarding budgets, budget committees, and best practice of membership approval of the budget before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Share election processes – encourage elections before the end of the fiscal year.
  • Encourage election of nominating committee.
  • Share upcoming trainings prior to WSPTA Convention that fulfill SOA requirements.
  • Make plans to attend WSPTA Convention and Annual Meeting – Choose your delegates as provided for in your PTA’s standing rules.
  • Make plans to attend Spring Conference  – Send your leaders to this annual statewide training event.

*Due March 14:

Apply for one or multiple WSPTA Awards of Excellence

Remind local PTAs to apply for a WSPTA Membership Achievement Award-100% membership or 100% staff

Encourage your leaders to participate in WSPTA’s Leadership Service Award

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