February 25, 2019

Membership Awards 101

Washington State PTA gives out two types of PTA Membership Awards: Membership Growth Awards and Membership Achievement Awards.

Membership Growth Awards are automatically calculated and awarded to local PTAs and councils that reach the required criteria levels for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum recognition. Your PTA can focus on the important work of enrolling members while the WSPTA Membership Committee determines your eligibility and recognizes your PTA or council for its membership growth.

These awards are calculated monthly and announced via the WSPTA website and social media outlets. PTAs and councils that reach each level receive a digital publicity kit containing graphics and ideas for sharing their achievement.

Membership Growth Awards are progressive in nature, so it’s possible to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum recognition all in the same year. And if you’ve already been recognized for achieving an award level, don’t stop now! After all, membership is a year-round priority. As such, your PTA has the opportunity to be recognized for its continued growth throughout the spring.

Membership Achievement Awards are the highest membership honor a local PTA can earn. They include the 100% PTA Membership Award and the 100% Staff Membership Award. Both of these awards require a local PTA to complete a simple form, get it signed by the principal of the school associated with that PTA, and submit it to WSPTA by March 1.

The prestigious 100% PTA Membership Award recognizes local PTAs that have at least as many members as there are full-time students enrolled at the school associated with that PTA. In other words, these PTAs truly embody our motto by giving a voice to EVERY CHILD. These PTAs are recognized onstage at the annual WSPTA state convention.

The 100% Staff Membership Award recognizes local PTAs that have at least as many school staff members enrolled in their PTA as there are full-time, certificated staff members employed at the school associated with that PTA. This award demonstrates to the school and community that your PTA and staff are true partners working together to make every child’s potential a reality. These PTAs are recognized at the annual WSPTA state convention.

Last year, 53 local PTAs were recognized with the 100% Staff Membership Award. However, the actual number of PTAs that qualified for this award was likely in the hundreds. Unfortunately, most PTAs don’t realize they’ve achieved or are close to achieving this milestone each year. To help understand this award’s guidelines and determine your PTA’s eligibility, the WSPTA website has a great resource that breaks it down into simpler terms. It’s not too late to submit the 100% Staff Membership Award form for your local PTA this year, but you’ll want to start the process today in order to submit the form by this Friday, March 1.

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