August 14, 2018

PTA Leader Testimonial

As the school year winds down, I’ve been reflecting on my two-year term on the PTA board. I didn’t exactly come in kicking and screaming, but I wasn’t jumping up and down to take it on either. I feared I was unqualified or it would be too time consuming. While we had been a part of the PTA in prior years, I didn’t know any of the other “moms” volunteering for leadership at the time. Yes, I joke that I’m a PTA “mom” as not many dads have stepped up to the plate. Come on, guys!

Well, two years later and I’m kinda sad to step away! It wasn’t too hard or time consuming, in fact, it was quite fulfilling. That time became purposeful and I feel as though I was able to make a difference to others.

Many hands make light work! The best part, however, is that those other moms are now my friends. My family has gotten to know their families and we are even doing other activities together that I hope will continue for years to come.

The PTA needs YOU! What is your fear?? While I may not be on the board any longer, I will still be at meetings and volunteering, and I’m challenging other parents to do the same. Yes, moms AND dads. Not only to help the kiddos, but to support the few that step up to lead. Welcome Melissa and David to the team! You will do great, and I, for one, have got your back.

  • Dan Storgaard, Meridian IRES PTA 8.4.40
Category: Leadership

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