April 15, 2022

Responsibilities of a Voting Delegate

The role of a voting delegate is very important, as you bring the voice of your local PTA/council to convention or legislative assembly floor as it pertains to kids and families in your community but also from a statewide perspective.

Selecting Voting Delegates

The method for selecting voting delegates and alternates named to the WSPTA Convention shall be specified in the local PTA/council standing rules.

Only the delegates designated by their local PTAs/councils as voting delegates and who have a voting card may vote.

A primary responsibility of a local PTA or council voting delegate is to develop and implement avenues for understanding the will of the body they represent. To cast a vote on behalf of members, they must know how members want them to vote.

Sometimes this can be done by the direction of the board (some voting details aren’t important to the general membership) and sometimes it must be done by the entire membership. When voting on statewide elections at Convention, generally the voting delegates take their direction from their board of directors.

Each voting opportunity represents a different set of circumstances, and it should be clear to everyone what the process will be.

Who is a Voting Delegate?

A voting delegate is a paid member who is designated to representing a local PTA or council in good standing.

Voting Delegate Responsibilities – Before and During Convention

  • Voting on all issues requiring voting delegate participation
  • Attending all general sessions (business sessions) at Convention
  • Developing knowledge of issues and candidates on which they will be voting at the Convention
  • Surveying (if custom of PTA or council) members to determine the will of the members
  • Communicating the outcome of votes to the PTA or council board and membership after Convention

Voting Delegate Homework

If you are selected by your local PTA or council to be a voting delegate to the Washington State PTA Convention, then you will have homework.

It will be up to you as a voting delegate to be informed of matters that will be voted on during Convention. Background information can be found on the Business Session webpage on our website.

What does the Voting Delegate do with the Voting Card?

The voting delegate uses the voting card during voice or standing votes by holding up the card while voting occurs. This card is also used to allow the voting delegate to vote by ballot.

Voting cards must be safeguarded, as cards are required at general sessions in order to participate in the debate and voting process. Voting cards will not be replaced.

Your voice is needed to make decisions about the direction of the organization. Convention details and background information can be found on the WSPTACon2022 webpage.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the WSPTA office at

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