July 20, 2022

The Annual Memberplanet Rollover – FAQs and What to Do Now

Every year, our membership database goes partly offline from July 1 to July 15 to facilitate a data rollover in preparation for the new fiscal year.

Even though the database is back online, we still get a lot of questions about the rollover entailed and what you can expect when you log back in.

Please explain the rollover process to me in 30 seconds…

Sure thing! The database is designed to maintain records based on our fiscal calendar. When fiscal year 2022 (FY22) ended on June 30, we needed a major reset to prepare for fiscal year 2023 (FY23). We also needed a large snapshot of the database for our archives. This includes over 100,000 database records, hundreds of member rosters, financial reports, officer reports, etc. Plus, memberplanet needed to reset its configurations to move the database in line with fiscal year FY23. This is why the membership portions of the site were offline for two weeks.

What’s different now that the rollover is finished?

  • All paid member rosters have been reset to 0 to accurately reflect FY23 membership numbers. If you need to access your final FY22 membership numbers, you can find them by clicking Group Info, then Additional Info, then scrolling down to 2021-2022.
  • All paid members from FY22 have been rolled over, and their membership statuses have been reset to “none.” Remember that the database operates on a fiscal year basis, so for the purposes of FY23 record-keeping, these records are listed as “inactive” even though their FY22 memberships are still technically valid through October.
  • All other database records have been archived, so local PTAs who log in today will only see rolled-over FY22 members. This is done because many PTAs have requested minimal clutter in their database. Any PTAs that want access to past years’ contacts can email us, and we’ll fetch that data for them.
  • Online join packets have been reactivated, and any membership purchased through them will be for FY23. The book is now closed on FY22 membership.
  • Officer reporting now defaults to FY23. Getting your current board/officer contact info reported in the database should be priority number one if not already completed.
  • For councils and region teams: the Group Profiles Report and Committees reports will now reflect FY23 data.

So, where should I start?

For local PTAs, we recommend this blog post, which contains loads of information and resources designed to help your relaunch your database. Keep in mind that most things in the database unrelated to membership will return just as we left them on June 30, so if your PTA utilizes online join packets, payment forms, surveys, fundraising tools, or distribution lists, you’ll need to go through them to ensure they’re up to date for the new fiscal year. You can find additional resources on the Membership Database Resource Page.

For councils and region users, we recommend spending some time in the coming weeks familiarizing yourselves with officer reports in the Committees menu and the Group Profiles report, which covers all the PTAs under your purview. Get comfortable using the system to access data and export spreadsheets.

And, of course, please ask questions if you have them. You may direct any database inquiries to

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