August 31, 2022

September Checklist for Running Your PTA

Board To-Do List for September

Ongoing Tasks

  • Attend board and membership meetings
  • Read meeting minutes and offer corrections
  • Prepare reports for board and membership meetings
  • Get educated: take advantage of in-person and online training opportunities
  • Be familiar with your responsibilities and fulfill them
  • Review and ask questions about the monthly financial report
  • Actively engage in a plan for membership growth
  • Prepare content for a newsletter and social media
  • Review and update your website
  • Participate, help others, and communicate
  • Review the Standards of Affiliation Checklist

Monthly Tasks

Hold an executive committee or board meeting
Appoint a Financial Review Committee and review the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation checklist and assign tasks. Discuss how the training requirement will be met and tracked.

Register to attend WSPTA Legislative Assembly
The event is being held as a hybrid event, in-person and remote, from October 15-16, 2022.

Participate in Curriculum Night and other back-to-school events

Hold committee chair training
Share the updated WSPTA leader resources, including handbooks.

Hold first membership meeting
Update and approve your standing rules, goals, and/or budget. Review the approved budget with members even if there are no changes since it was approved. It is a best practice to elect your nominating committee at this meeting. Present the results of the year-end financial review for the record.

Make sure board members take advantage of training opportunities

Make sure at least one elected officer attends PTA & the Law
Get all board members trained early. As dates become available they are posted to the website calendar and included in Leadership News.

Reach out to your council or region director
Establish a relationship early to share your successes, concerns, and questions. These leaders are a great source of information and appreciate the opportunity to support PTAs.

Complete setup of your memberplanet database for your PTA
Follow the instructions available on the Success Site. And, watch the videos to learn more about the system.

Set up your account to provide the banking information for your PTA to receive online join membership dues and to pay the invoices to WSPTA and your council (if applicable).

Read this post to learn more about preparing the database for the 2022-23 year.

It is important to keep updating the membership database system with your officers’ and board member information. This will ensure that your PTA remains in compliance and that your PTA leaders receive timely and relevant leader emails and newsletters.

Launch a membership drive if you have not done so already
For those who still use a paper form, check your membership form to make sure that it is up to date, providing the most effective marketing information, collecting the relevant information, and charging for the membership dues as established in your standing rules. For those who use the online join feature of the database, make sure that you have updated the membership levels and dues amounts that pertain to your PTA.

Start promoting Reflections and get your chair trained
Add council and/or state due dates to the calendar.

For secondary PTAs, start promoting the WSPTA//Game Development Competition

For secondary PTAs, start promoting the WSPTA Scholarship Program for graduating seniors

Start promoting the WSPTA Essay Contest

Review Awards of Excellence and Membership Awards forms
Plan now to apply for awards.

Make sure committee chair and board contact information is in the memberplanet database system
Include Reflections, membership, advocacy/legislative, FACE, and other categories you feel will benefit from leader communications from WSPTA.  Keep the information updated throughout the year.

Was your PTA Incorporated in September?  If so, then your annual Corporation Renewal is due on September 30. The annual corporation report is due regardless of your PTA’s annual income and is separate from the Charitable Organization Registration/ Renewal.

(originally posted August 29, 2018; revised August 28, 2019; revised August 31, 2021; revised August 31, 2022)

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