February 10, 2021

Three Reasons to Go for Bronze

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“Let’s go win a bronze award!” is not a phrase that you may be familiar with, but the Programs and Awards Committee would like that goal to become mainstream. It may seem like going against the grain, but there are very specific reasons why this just might the key to creating a successful PTA.

Here are three reasons why going for bronze might be the best thing for your PTA!

  1. It takes the pressure off. Look, perfectionism is a big reason why many people procrastinate. While some claim they work better under pressure as individuals, PTAs do not. The majority of PTAs in good standing already qualify for bronze (in fact, many qualify for silver) they just aren’t applying for it. You may find all you have to do is submit the form and “Bam!” you’ve got another thing to brag about (and yes, bronze is worth bragging about!)!
  2. It tells your community effort is worth recognizing. What would you say to a child who decided not to participate in the Reflections program because they didn’t think they would win? Would you tell them that it’s about gaining experience, and putting in the effort?
  3. Walk the walk! This could be a great talking point with your community. Leading by example, show your youth that it’s about the “tri” in triumph that really matters. It’s like learning to walk. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “You gotta walk before you can run?”, well the same goes for awards. While you may be able to receive platinum before anything else, going for bronze will give you a great foundation to build on. Reaching the platinum level will become much easier once you have mastered the basics!

Guest post by Candy Walters, WSPTA Program Director

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