August 13, 2022

Tip of the Week – August 11

Are You an Advocate?

By now it is no secret that Washington State PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in the state. Founded in 1905 by Abby Williams Hill of Tacoma, WSPTA has been a leading voice for children in the state ever since. We have been at the forefront coining the term “preschool”, championing the use of seat belts, working for the Social Emotional Learning framework adoption and so much more.

However, we know that in the day to day, local PTAs are focused on the children in their schools and communities. As leaders, you are busy organizing events and fundraising, finding volunteers, and communicating with administrators and members alike. But let’s flip the script. As you are working on those events, did you know that you are advocating? Working on a neighborhood scavenger hunt is advocating for the importance of family and community engagement. Planning the online book fair is advocating for childhood literacy. And, organizing an online platform for families to share about the cultures represented in your school is advocating for diversity and inclusion.

As you run your PTA business, remember that while advocacy is important at the national level and at the state level, your advocacy actions at your PTA are just as important. Your work shows your members the power your collective voices have as PTA members. By expanding and growing our collective voice through increased membership, we will make sure that we continue to have a seat at the table for important issues affecting all children in the state.

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