February 7, 2022

Tip of the Week – February 3

Make sure your local PTA or council’s nominating committee is elected and up and running

The nominating committee is arguably the most important committee for your PTA. The committee’s charge, to select candidates to fill officer positions, is key to the success and sustainability of your PTA.

Committee members must maintain confidentiality and work to identify the best qualified candidates which may or may not be someone currently in the position seeking a second term or someone who has expressed interest in the position. They must consider who is best to carry forward the mission of the PTA keeping the children at the center of any decision-making process.

Here are some helpful ideas regarding the recruiting process:

  • Asking in person is always best. Tell them why they would be a good fit. People like to feel like they were sought out for a reason.
  • People tend to volunteer more easily if their friends are doing it too. So, if you can find one person, they may be able to bring friends along.
  • If you can have at least one person agree to be nominated from the floor at the election meeting, others will be more likely to follow.
  • Ask the principal who they think are strong candidates and/or parent volunteers. They may know people you don’t.
  • At middle/high schools, look at feeder pattern schools that are coming up, and who has been active in elementary PTAs.
  • Give job descriptions (they are found in WSPTA Uniform Bylaws). Shared or ‘co-‘ positions are okay as long as approved or amended into your PTA’s standing rules.
  • Make sure people know all terms are for one year, not two. Though not mandatory, they are eligible to be re-elected for a second term.

The nominating committee will submit the slate at least 15 days prior to the election. Any unfilled positions will be listed as “open”. The election meeting should be publicized well ahead of time (four weeks is sufficient) and should note that nominations will be taken from the floor; meaning that even if the slate is filled, anyone is eligible to be nominated from the floor, or nominate themselves. Sometimes empty spots are filled this way. If the positions are not filled at the election meeting, the executive committee can appoint an interim for those positions. At each following membership meeting, nominations would be taken from the floor, until someone is elected.

More information can be found in the WSPTA Policy manual in section 3.6 and in the Nominating Committee & Elections handbook located in the password-protected section of the website, Leadership Guides.

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