March 18, 2022

Tip of the Week – March 17

5 Reasons Why Training is Important

  1. Training can level the playing field. If someone wants to volunteer for a board position but is unsure of what might be required, training can clarify the expectations.
  2. Training provides people the chance to assess their own skill level. How well do you know what is being taught?
  3. Training allows even seasoned leaders an opportunity to gain a new nugget of information and “remember” an important concept or idea that they had “forgotten”.
  4. Training provides people a platform to share real-world things they have learned with other participants.
  5. Training gives leaders the knowledge and skills to optimally run an independent, nonprofit corporation.

Bonus: Sometimes training can be added to your résumé as professional development.

WSPTA’s convention is coming up quickly and is our leading training opportunity for the year. Make sure to check back to the website and watch for information in Leadership News over the next months as we start to share schedules and training offerings.

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