January 30, 2019

WSPTA Testifies on HB 1384 Regarding High Poverty LAP Funding

On January 28, 2019, WSPTA Advocacy Director Nancy Chamberlain testified in strong support of HB 1384, which would lower the threshold for schools to qualify for High Poverty Learning Assistance Program funding, from 50% free and reduced lunch program (FRLP) participation to the statewide average for FRLP (approx. 43%). This change would give additional funding to over 200 schools to help close the opportunity gap by more sustainably funding student interventions and supports. PTA members adopted supporting this change as part of our top 5 legislative priorities for 2019, Strategic K-12 Investments to Close Gaps.

Unfortunately, the total time for the hearing expired before Nancy was able to testify on HB 1265, which increases allocations for school counselors for elementary and middle schools. You can read Nancy’s testimony for both bills here.

Category: Advocacy , Legislative

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