March 4, 2019

WSPTA Testifies on multiple legislative priorities

Click here to hear Corina’s testimony

SHB 1216
Northshore parent Corina Pfeil testified in the House Appropriations Committee on February 25th in favor of SHB 1216, the comprehensive school safety bill. The bill addresses safe school plans and adds family/student reunification to school safety plans and communication, which were adopted by members at the 2018 Legislative Assembly.


SHB 1599 and SHB 1139
Also testifying before the House budget committee, which decides which bills get funded, Robin Zaback spoke on behalf of Washington State PTA on two bills: SHB 1599 (testimony), which would modify state assessments and graduation requirements (a resolution issue), and SHB 1139 (testimony), a comprehensive bill to address the teacher shortage, one of the association’s Top 5 priorities.


Click here to hear Robin’s testimony on SHB 1599

Click here to hear Robin’s testimony on SHB 1139


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