June 18, 2024

Everything You Need to Know about 2024-2025 Swank Movie Licenses

Washington State PTA is excited to continue our partnership with Swank Movie Licensing USA to bring movie licensing to WSPTA member schools at significant savings. Movie licenses are an excellent option for a PTA eager to fundraise and support its school.

The enrollment period for 2024-25 licenses is now open! The deadline to opt-in at the special WSPTA rate is September 1, 2024. The 2023-24 WSPTA Group license will cover your school from 9/1/24 through 8/31/25. The cost of the license is $450 per school.

New this year! We’re very excited to announce that Swank now offers a special add-on for license holders: A Swank Streaming Platform which provides schools and PTAs with legal and convenient access to a movie streaming library.

It might be hard to believe, but schools don’t roll in a television with built-in VCR anymore for movie days! DVD players are becoming rarer and most schools block popular streaming services via their firewall. Swank identified that teachers and school leaders need additional options to source the films they want to show, both for entertainment and educational purposes. That’s why they’ve created a basic streaming site with a static movie library of 200 films. All the staff member or volunteer would need to do is log in, find the movie they want, and click play for an easy, legal way to show popular films.

Access to the streaming platform is extended for the entire school, so multiple classrooms can watch at once.

PTAs may choose to sign up just for a license ($450) or for a license plus access to basic streaming. As shown above, pricing for the streaming package varies based on 24/25 enrollment. Please reach out to Kimberly Cassidy at with this and any other questions.

Be sure to opt in today. Click here to purchase.


Since many local PTA leaders may be unfamiliar with the concept of movie licensing, here are a few quick FAQs:

Why would a PTA want to purchase a movie license?
A movie license is required anytime you show a film outside of your home, such as on school property. It is required whether or not an admission or donation is accepted. Swank Movie Licensing USA is the ONLY company that provides the license for major Hollywood Studios. Many PTAs will sponsor a license for the entire school and use it to host movie nights and other events. Movie licenses are an excellent resource for family engagement and fundraising.

Who is covered by the license?
A movie license covers your school’s grounds. That means, when a PTA purchases a movie license, it’s not just a benefit to the PTA; it’s a benefit to the entire school community, including teachers, student groups, etc. This also means that a PTA must have its events on school grounds to utilize the license.

How much is a license?
For 2024-25, the license to cover your entire school is $450. This is a group rate available only to Washington State PTA-affiliated schools. Once you complete your opt-in, you will pay this amount directly to WSPTA via an online form. WSPTA then passes the payment along to Swank.

I’m not sure if my school is already covered by a license purchased by the district. How can I find out?
Go ahead and send an email to Kimberly Cassidy at with this and any other questions.

This year’s WSPTA group license features some excellent additions, including:

  • Outdoor Showings – Outdoor showings are included under this license, though they must be held on school grounds.
  • More Movies, More Options – This license covers unlimited showings of all films by all the major Hollywood Studios, including 20th Century Studios (formerly FOX Studios). The license covers everyone in the building for all movie showings, including at assemblies and in class. That means family movie nights, student reward screenings, before- and after-school programs, etc. are all covered!

If you would like to be included in the group license renewal, please visit the WSPTA store on Givebacks to complete your opt-in and pay. The DEADLINE to join and pay is September 1, 2024.

Please let Kimberly Cassidy know if you have any questions, or need assistance:

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